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Espen Rekdal
Espen Rekdal, en av Norges beste og mest kjente undervannsfotografer
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BorBergen, Vestlandet, Norge

Om Espen Rekdal

Espen Rekdal er en av Norges beste og mest kjente undervannsfotografer. Han er bodsatt i Romslo utenfor Bergen i Hordaland.

Hentet fra

Espen Rekdal (34) is a natural history photographer, videographer, writer and marine biologist. He specializes in underwater stills photography. Though extreme macro work has been a speciality in the past, he has branched out quite considerably over the past couple of years, to include wide-angle, wreck and deep-ocean-life to his areas of expertise. Artistic expression and simplistic compositions are trademarks of his photography. Many of Espen Rekdal's images are represented by several image agencies as well as his own agency Espen Rekdal Photography.

Espen lives with his wife and daughter in a small fjord in western Norway.


VM i Undervannsfotografering 2009

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