Pumpehuset, Drøbak

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Posisjon59.659249, 10.629315

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Access: Drive Mosseveien from Oslo, follow the signs to Drøbak, go to the centre of “town”, roll down your window, ask someone for Pumpehuset Life encountered:


Apart from being easy to find (Drive Mosseveien from Oslo, follow the signs to Drøbak, go to the centre of “town”, roll down your window, ask someone for Pumpehuset), with good parking and a nice area for rigging, the small sheltered bay is perfect for pre-dive checks and getting yourself sorted.

GPS: Storgata 39, 1440 Drøbak


Drop under the surface half way out the bay, on the right hand side (swimming outwards) First thing you meet, are the boulders that got dumped there last year. The vegetation is fantastic, and you get a bit of a canyon-flying feeling when drifting through this area. Once beyond the boulders there is a 2 minute westward swim across the shelf before you find the wall. Sometimes the current can rip a bit here, but seldom too heavy.

Nevertheless, shallow play is not what one comes here for, and so I never fail to feel some exhilaration as I come upon the edge. You need nothing but enjoyed the descent. If you hit it just right you get to drift down mostly vertical to 60m. Dropping all the way to the bottom is a mistake, in my opinion. This is a scenery dive, and if you get to close to the bottom you end up staring at sand. “Identifying one’s objective” is an important part of your dive planning, and if you’re objective is to touch sand… well, I guess I’m starting to see why some people can’t appreciate the wall.

Up a bit at 50 meters, however, the view next to the slightly inclined wall is spectacular. The sensation of hanging off a mountainside covered in lovely details, staring down into the dark ocean where silver fish glitter in the periphery is wicked, and really brings out the weightless essence of diving! I usually turn north for a bit after my descent, just to enjoy a larger section of the wall, but be sure to turn back south after 7-9 minutes of bottom time in order to get to your ascent point on time.

Once you come around to the “deco run”, a scar in the mountainside wall formation, like a slide of sand that runs all the way down from 16m, it’s time to start the ascent. It takes a few dives to get familiar with the navigation and thus the timing of the dive (you want to hit this area just as you finish off your bottom time), but it makes the ascent as interesting as the dive itself.

The “deco run” facilitates the same scenery as the rest of the area, with interesting cracks, nooks, and crannies, as well as big tarp that now hangs around 40m. The local government had this great idea of covering the upper shelf with a tarp before building up a natural rock jetty across the shelf, in order to avoid kicking up all the potentially dangerous sediment (don’t you just love quick and easy fixes).

However, after spending allot of money on a couple Commercial Divers and getting the tarp laid down, the decided to hold construction on the jetty. Needless to say, despite some solid anchors, it took all of 48 hours for that tarp to get ripped away by the current. Most of it now hangs as a spooky curtain across the wall down below.

Sticking to the right of the tarp coming up, you get to a narrowing in the rock formation where you can easily hang off and switch to your deco gas. From this point on coming up through 18m and over the ledge at 15m still gives you a nice view if the visibility is good, or allot of potential macro when you got to get in close.

Deco with Alice in Wonderland!

Keep swimming shallower once you are over the ledge and back on the shelf, approximately NNE (make sure you pick up the speed a little between 12 and 9 m) and you will hit the inner wall. Now this is what makes Pumpehuset a local favourite for me, as the slow, lazy swim back to the beach at 9 and 6 meters is like Alice in Wonderland. The vegetation at this point is thick, and there are loads of fish that poke their head out at you as you drift by. You can’t go wrong, because you will hit the well-known pipes when you come to the beach, and once again you are back in the shallow lagoon where de-rigging and getting out of the water is a piece of pie.

Local Attractions

Speaking of pieces of pie, no dive at Pumpehuset is complete without a visit to Balkan Kebab for a great snack while discussing the dive and other interesting aquatic topics... "Jajamensann... sterk kebabtallerken for meg!"


NB! I februar 2012 ble det oppdaget et massivt kloakkutslipp ved Pumpehuset. Per 26.4.2012 pumpes det fremdeles ut store mengder kloakk, og det er ikke mulig å dykke inne ved Hamborgstranda. Det anbefales isteden å dykke på utsiden (vestsiden) av den nye gjestehavna, iallfall så lenge båttrafikken ikke hindrer dette.

Se også http://www.amta.no/lokale_nyheter/article5983291.ece, http://www.dykkesiden.com/forum/index.php?topic=73076.50 og http://www.dykkeprat.no/forum/showthread.php?t=3847


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  • Når musen din er over kartet blir musescroll til zoom.
  • Dobbelklikk på et område på kartet og du zoomer inn akkurat der.
  • + tegnet på høyresiden kan man velge mellom sjøkart, topografisk-kart og googlekart.
  • Nede i høyre hjørne kan dere med musen dra kart for å endre størrelsen.
  • Mer om hvordan opprette kart her.